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Do you only shoot elopements?
Yes, as far as weddings go, I only shoot elopements and intimate weddings. But I also love taking couples on adventures to cool locations or shooting them all wrapped up together in their homes. I'm a big fan of shooting the love two people have so I keep things as simple and intimate as possible.

What are you looking for in a client?
I want to document moments in the lives of those who will open themselves up to me; be vulnerable and kind; and be ready and willing to connect with their love. I wouldn't be doing this if all I could ever be was just another vendor and stranger at your wedding. For me, emotionally, I can't allow myself to play that role. I respectfully refuse. Let's create something TOGETHER. Let's connect in a meaningful way. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce that sought-after emotional magic and I want to invest that care into couples who invest that same care into the process and into me. 

Are we a good fit for each other?
I'm available to anyone but not necessarily the best fit for everyone.
My couples know the value of photography and they consider it to be an important investment. They feel something when they view my work. They want emotional, natural images of their own love. They prioritize their photos on their wedding day. They aren't afraid to have fun or get a little vulnerable during a shoot. They enjoy the process of taking the photos, not just the outcome. 

Do you travel?
Yes, I just need travel and boarding accommodations to make it happen! (Usually a roundtrip plane ticket, a rental car, and at least a two-night stay in a nearby hotel.)

What can I expect during my time with you?
My goal is to create images that showcase your love and unique connection. My shoots thrive off of near-constant movement so we'll do a lot of walking (perhaps some hiking, too). Most of the time, I snap away while you interact with one another. In order to photograph natural and sincere interactions, I guide these moments and give you things to do while I shoot. I will ask you questions about your relationship and it can get quite personal. Be thoughtful about your answers and come ready to connect with your love. 

Do you shoot families?
I no longer shoot families.

Tell me more about your editing.
I individually edit every image you receive. Some of those images will be in black and white but most will be in color. I don't Photoshop bodies or superimpose things into the shot that weren't there to begin with. However, I do take special care to fix any skin inconsistencies and remove any elements that may be distracting.