Elopements + Intimate Weddings

I have the distinct privilege of documenting elopements & intimate weddings in ridiculously beautiful places for laid-back couples.
Couples who forgo arbitrary traditions they don't personally connect with in favor of celebrating themselves and their love in ways that feel most authentic to them.


To hell with tradition!
We don't want to do it like everybody else.


I want to be honest... I strongly believe small weddings make for the best wedding experiences and I'm never going to care too greatly about the details.

I care about the connection. The connection between you and your love + the connection between you and me. At the heart of it all, nothing else matters.

You are unique individuals in a unique partnership and your wedding should absolutely reflect that. Why do we default to the same exact outline that we've seen before? As you plan your wedding, I hope that you feel prompted to ask yourself, "am I doing this because it's really ME or am I doing this because this is how I've always seen it done and this is what others expect of me?"

You only get this one opportunity.

In the years to come, when you conjure memories from that special day and show your images to your children and grandchildren, you're going to want to see your true selves reflected there. No regrets. There's no rulebook that says you have to marry in a fancy venue with 300 of your distant relatives and acquaintances. There's no rulebook that says you have to wear a white dress - or even a dress at all! There's no rulebook that says you have to spend thousands of dollars on the superficial details. There's no rulebook that says you have to wear a suit and tie - especially in the middle of the hot-as-hell summer. There's no rulebook that says you have to wear fancy shoes - especially if you plan to hike up a mountain or walk through mud in the forest. There's no rulebook that says you have to do your hair and makeup in a way you've never done before; in a way that doesn't represent who you really are. 

Don't get me wrong, I love a gorgeous white dress and a sharp suit. I love a stunning bouquet. If those details feel most like "you" and you cherish those traditions (or are simply excited to do it how you've always dreamed it), than I celebrate that with all my heart! I really do. But if you think for even a second that certain traditions don't feel quite right for you and your partner, let me be the first to urge you in a direction more suited for you. I'll do all that I can to help make it happen for you.

As an elopement and intimate wedding destination photographer, I believe the location you choose to share your vows is very important. The location sets the tone for the day, can inspire spontaneity and adventure, allows you to see new and awe-inspiring corners of the world together, can allow for epic portraits together, and can add a tremendous amount of beauty and awe to your wedding day. Find a place that practically calls out to you. A place that you've fallen in love with. A place of significance to your relationship. It can be as far and grand as the landscape in Iceland or as close and intimate as your grandmother's backyard. Wherever it is you choose, it should mean something to you.

I do all that I can to not only help you decide on a location (using my extensive list of gorgeous USA/worldwide locations as a reference), but also to help you plan your timeline around events and lighting, as well as help you find potentially necessary permit and park regulation info. I'm here to help and more than happy to do so. Let's plan an elopement adventure of your own, exactly the way you want to do it!