Quick tips for outfits

When it comes to color, keep it neutral, jewel, or pastel toned. The goal is to avoid any distraction from you and your connection. Some bold, bright colors have a tendency to alter the way your skin appears in photos. To avoid this, don't wear bright orange, coral, pink, red, yellow, green, purple, and blue. Unless, of course, those colors are either jewel or pastel toned. Some suggestions for colors that photograph really well are mustard, tan, black, pastel blue, jean blue, navy blue, brown, maroon, rust, teal, gray, forest green, deep purple, etc.

It's best to avoid clothing with graphics, words, or busy patterns (like polka dots, stripes, and even some of the busier and colorful plaid patterns). If you choose to wear plaid, choose a neutral color and consider layering a sweater over it. One exception to this rule would be a great floral statement piece like a dress or jumper. Keep in mind that if you choose a bold, all-over floral pattern, your partner should wear something plain. I love a statement floral piece so don't be afraid to have fun with it! If you are looking for something to amp up the look of your session and want to abide by my suggestion of avoiding a bold pattern, a really great alternative would be to wear a dress. I love photographing dresses because they add dimension and interest. 

You might feel tempted to match your clothing but it is best to avoid matching too closely and to, instead, coordinate outfits with complementary colors and styles. 

Keep the jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Again, do this to avoid distraction. Wear what feels true to you but I'd completely avoid statement necklaces and huge rings. Use accessories in your favor to add interest and layers without over-doing it. You can view some ideas by clicking the link to my outfit guideline pin board at the bottom of this page.

Consider wearing makeup and styling your hair for the shoot - even if you don't normally wear makeup or style your hair. Please don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of loving and accepting oneself without all the extra "stuff" but in the case of professional photos and in my experience as a photographer, it is often worth it to take the extra steps to ensure you love how you look in your photos. (This is merely a suggestion! Do whatever makes you feel like your most confident, comfortable self. That is what is most important to me.)

If you take a look at my photos, you won't often see anyone in full glamour makeup and hair. A little goes a long way. This is also a suggestion to keep it simple. Try to avoid smokey eyes or thick layers of eyeliner. We want to be able to see your eyes and to avoid unnecessary shadows. 

Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy on the eyes. Avoid tennis shoes or flip flops. Avoid shoes with bright colors and patterns. Coordinate your shoes with your outfits. We will be doing a great deal of walking (maybe even some hiking) so if you need to bring an extra pair of shoes to get you through any rough or muddy terrain, do so! 

In inclement weather, please bring a coat and gloves along to our shoot. You can wear these to warm up when we're not shooting. Gloves are especially important because red hands are less than flattering. Also consider bringing a nice-looking sweater to wear while shooting if it's too cold or windy for comfort. This is often the case! It's a great idea to layer up. Hide a pair of tights under your jeans or wear an undershirt to create another invisible layer of warmth and comfort. Even if you want to brave it and wear a dress in the winter, find a creative way to layer up underneath to stay as warm as possible. I recommend doing this from the months of Oct to Apr here in Utah.

Lastly, wear clothing that you wouldn't mind getting a bit dirty. I'll have you sitting on the ground or we'll walk through dirt, or - depending on the time of year and weather - we might even walk through mud, puddles, or snow. Keep this in mind when choosing your outfits. Consider bringing a change of clothing for after the shoot if we decide to get into a nearby lake or if your clothing becomes drenched in rain or snow. 

Feel free to bring a second outfit to shoot in, if you'd like.