Intimate Elopement in Banff | National Park Elopement Photographer

Adventurous Elopement Photography by Kandice Breinholt

 Sharing emotional vows during an elopement in Banff National Park, Canada - Banff Elopement Photographer Kandice Breinholt

Banff Elopement | Alberta, Canada

Heidy and Chris's true secret elopement in the forest of Banff National Park was such a special wedding to document and be a part of. They had a very intimate ceremony (just the two of them!) next to a beautiful teal lake surrounded by mountains and forests. The day started with readying themselves in their cabin at Mt Engadine Lodge and ended beside a beautifully snow-covered Lake Louise.

It's so important for me to connect with couples in a real way... beyond professional pleasantries. It matters to me that my couples feel comfortable around me (and Sean) and that having us around on their wedding day adds to the experience (it's nice to have someone to count on to ensure your day runs smoothly and you have nothing to stress about. And it's really nice to enjoy the company of the people you spend your special day with).

I knew this was a great connection - Heidy and I - when she called me just before we left for Canada. She shared with me why she hired me (something that's always heartwarming to hear), we connected on so many things, discussed a tentative "play-it-by-ear" elopement plan, and I hung up the phone knowing I was in for something special. Once in Canada, we spent a day driving around Banff with them checking out each location and getting to know each other. On their elopement day, we discovered we share an obsession with poutine and we eventually went into town to grab some between locations.

Everything was so spot on between us and that kind of connection is invaluable to me. Later, Heidy shared this message with her images, "A huge thank you to our wonderful photographer, Kandice, and her husband, Sean, for making the day feel like a hike with old friends."

That's the goal, right there. The biggest and best compliment I could ever receive.

Banff is the kind of place you HAVE to see for yourself. The pictures are incredible from every angle (so you already know it's bound to be a pretty spectacular place) but to see it in person... that's a different thing altogether. The humongous mountain ranges never seem to end, there are wild animals all over, we saw a mini avalanche occur right before our eyes, the gorgeous pink hued sunsets last three hours, the water is teal/turquoise and breathtaking, and the poutine from McDonalds is outta-this-world-yummy (YES, McDonalds poutine is the best we had). 

Banff was the perfect setting for this elopement story.

Heidy and Chris got ready together in their off-the-grid cabin in the woods with a perfect view of Mt Engadine in the distance. No rush. Chris waited in the woods outside the cabin while Heidy slipped into her dress. They shared a sweet first look and then set off to find a special spot to share their personal vows.
They chose a spot next to a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains and forest with not another soul around. After sharing tear-filled vows, they held each other for a minute or two as if to let those important promises sink in. We headed to Lake Louise for sunset, stopping along the way for poutine (of course) and to take portraits at all the beautiful locations we scouted the day before. Lake Louise was still mostly covered in snow but, fortunately, we were able to see just a tiny bit of that famed deep teal and turquoise crisp water. It was such a memorable, beautiful experience.

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Bouquet & Crown: Willow Flower Co.
Hair & Makeup: The Pretty Haus Collective / Michelle Carbonneau
Dress: Vera Wang
Cabin: Mount Engadine Lodge