Canyonlands Engagements | Moab Elopement Photographer

Adventurous Southern Utah Elopement Photography by Kandice Breinholt

 Canyonlands cliffside adventure engagement session with Natalie and Colby in Moab, Utah

Canyonlands Engagements | Moab, Utah

Natalie and Colby road tripped from Colorado to Southern Utah for an adventurous engagement session in Moab's Canyonlands National Park. None of us had seen this national park in person before so, needless to say, we were awe-struck the entire evening.  The sky was covered with dark, moody storm clouds that parted for only a few minutes so we could catch the sunset and then turned to a brilliant display of pinks and blues, coloring the entire desert canyon below with deep cotton candy hues.

These towering canyon walls are my favorite in all of Utah. There's an endless amount of beauty here but these sights, in particular, cannot be beat!

These two sweet souls were so much fun to run around with all night. And they're apparently incredible daredevils, too...

They were climbing up and down boulders, cuddling on cliffsides, and (carefully... slowly...) trekking through walkways with the steepest of drops to the side of them. My palms immediately start to sweat and I feel an instant rush of adrenaline course through me when I look at some of these images. (Of course, the lens distorts just a bit and exaggerates the small width of the walkway so, no worries, they were safe!)

Have you been to Moab? If so, did you make your way through Canyonlands? Don't miss this park! It's not as tourist-ridden as other more popular Utah National Parks and the views are out of this world. Hopefully, while you're there, you'll get lucky and catch a storm rolling through like we did.

I also had the privilege of documenting Natalie and Colby's destination wedding at a ranch in Moab this past fall. I love how special this place is for them. That post is coming soon. You won't believe how beautiful everything was!