Nontraditional Sunrise Hot Springs Elopement | Utah Elopement Photographer

Every so often, I feel inspired to do a project entirely for myself. It's an opportunity for me to bring to fruition an idea or feeling that's been in my heart. For me, it's such a cathartic experience - creating for the sake of creation. No pressure. No deadline. No expectations. 

If I do put together a "styled shoot," my main desires are to always keep it very simple, to establish a deeper meaning, and to get a particular idea across (which, in this case, was to inspire any brides and grooms-to-be that you don't have to marry the way you've always seen it done). 

This shoot involved an idea made all the more magical by the other creatives involved. I cannot thank Haley, Truck, and Mandy enough for their willingness to lend their creativity and time. I love this set of images so much because they feature the generosity and talents of my friends. 

The quick outline? It's a mostly casual, no-fuss elopement in an inspiring location. 
The people and details that bring it to life? Haley (of Haley Nord Photography), her love, Truck, and Mandy's incredible bouquet (The Potted Pansy). Plus an edgy black Free People dress to suit the rad lady wearing it. That's all that was needed! 

We woke at 3am to get to and hike - in darkness - the first half of a five mile round-trip trail. When we finally arrived at the hot springs, we were greeted by the sun and, thankfully, the early hike ensured empty hot pots.

Bare feet. Wet, tangled hair. Love and passion. Memorable and inspiring floral art. Moodiness. A sense of spontaneity. Going against the grain.

This is where my passion lies. 

Lovers: Haley and Truck  |  Bouquet: The Potted Pansy  |  Dress: Free People