Olympic National Park Elopement

Travis and Jacquelyn have been together for over a decade and that certainly shaped how they planned their elopement. They have a life together, a home together, have raised a pup together, and felt a marriage would be a nice legal cherry on top of all that magic they had already created for themselves. 

When it came to their wedding details, they knew they wanted it to be an experience shared only between them (and their pup) and that it should be done in a place they found beautiful. Nothing else mattered and almost no friends or family even knew it was to take place. 

They drove from their home in northern California to a beautiful lakeside rental up in Olympic National Park. I arrived at the lake house just as they were writing their vows and getting ready. Music played throughout the cabin, they were snacking on charcuterie, and perhaps best of all, they were taking their time; in no particular rush and equipped with only a semi-plan for the day. 

Surrounded by fog-shrouded mountain tops, they had their first look overlooking the deep teal waters of Lake Sutherland. Their pup, Gracie, joined them adorned with the most adorable floral wreath - making an already incredible moment more than I could bear. (Just wait till you see her below. I'm real into couples who include their doggos in their day. Is there a better addition to a wedding?!).

At last, it was time for vows. After a gorgeous drive along Lake Crescent, we hiked a short distance toward the spot they had found just a day earlier. We arrived at a clearing in the trees and a forest floor covered in ferns next to a gorgeous roaring stream cascading down a steep incline of rocks and boulders. It was there where they officially promised themselves to each other in words that were hushed by the sounds of the water while their pup lied at their feet.

We drove west toward the ocean and they ended the day playing fetch with Gracie and chasing after each other through the rising tides of La Push's Second Beach. It was an absolutely magical day - one I've often wished to revisit. 

Featured (words from Jacquelyn + Travis): Junebug Weddings
Dress: Lillian West |  Floral Details: Thatch Floral  |  Hair and Makeup Artist: Yessie Libby