Small City Wedding at Publik Coffee Roasters | Utah Intimate Wedding Photographer

I love a good city wedding, especially if the venue location is rad, industrial, and minimal. Publik Coffee Roasters in SLC is so on top of their branding - they have each of those qualities. This wedding was intimate, it was a party, and the whole thing was so totally easy on the eyes. Most importantly, it was an epic celebration of love between two incredible people. I adore nothing more than documenting a wedding that feels 100% suited for the couple. 

About the Crocs... yep, the groom, Kurnhee, is sporting some Crocs in some of these images. Undoubtedly, a bold choice but the reason behind it is sure to pull at your heartstrings. Judi had her gorgeous dress cleaned after our bridal session in the hills. Apparently, the dress shrunk in the process, leaving her with a hemline much higher than it was supposed to be. Being the supportive partner and compassionate human Kurnhee is, he promised he'd wear his less-than-flattering pair of Crocs to the wedding in an act of solidarity. If she had to wear a dress that was too short then he'd show up in Crocs. 

Guys. I'd take a selfless act of love at a wedding over some arbitrary fashion ANY DAY.

Let's get to it. Bring on the endless mixed drinks and local brew, the personal vows that had everyone laughing, the club music, the bubbles and sparklers, the photo booth bus, the Crocs, the pups, and the abundant love that was shown to this couple by their closest family and friends. Judi and Kurnhee, you both are so loved!