Adventurous Waterfall Elopement at Wahclella Falls | Oregon Adventure Elopement Photographer

If this isn't the quintessential Oregon elopement, I can't imagine what would top it. I was level 10 excited about Leann and David's wedding plans since I first received their inquiry. They're a couple of really nice, down to earth people who wanted to elope to Oregon with just their best friends, party it up together in a great rental, and say their vows and commitments to each other in front of a ridiculously beautiful raging waterfall.

As far as weddings go, I can't think of a better way to do it. They ditched all those traditions that didn't matter to them, embraced the stormy weather, and highlighted what, for them, was most important. I love them for it and feel so grateful that I got to witness such an incredible time in their lives. 

Leann is the sweetest, most badass bride. She was drenched from head to toe from the minute we got to the spot where she changed into her dress and she walked around barefoot on the slippery, mossy rocks for most of the time. She did all this with endless grace and a genuine smile on her face. Goosebumps, raindrops running down her shoulder, muddy feet, with wet, tangled hair. These are my favorite wedding details.

Standing on the rocks in front of the waterfall, we were alone with no sign of others for miles. We were soaked to the bone by the time they started on their vows. They shared their promises, said 'I do,' and had their first toast as a married couple. 

(I had the damnedest time keeping my lens clear of rain drops, fog, and waterfall mist but, despite it being nearly impossible to shoot in the weather we experienced, I'd sure as hell do it again and again for these guys and any like them who'll embrace it right along with me.)

Dress: Anais Anette | Florals: Forest and Field