I'm a destination elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Utah. I specialize in small weddings in gorgeous locations.



I couldn't be more thrilled that you felt something when you scrolled through my work and that, now, you've invited me along to capture all the love you have for each other. That right there is a connection and it's so valuable to me. I feel honored to be a part of this experience and, especially, to be the one who records all those irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime moments from one of the biggest days of your lives.

First and foremost, I want to get to know you! Throughout our time together, I'll be asking you many questions about yourselves and your relationship. It's important to me that we foster a comfortability between us and that is best done by first getting to know each other. Believe me, making sure we shoot in a comfortable, friendly, vulnerable, and excited environment is the first step to making photo magic. With that said, I'll start! 


   I was born and raised and still reside in Northern Utah. I'm a 25 yr old mom of 2 incredibly cool kiddos and I'm married to my best friend, Sean (he often assists me at shoots and weddings and will likely join me at yours!).

     I love to hike around the mountains all around my state and travel to and explore beautiful places elsewhere but I also really dig a night in playing games or watching movies with my family. I'm into sic-fi and arthouse films + synth-pop and indie music.

     I love to document all the different connections people share and the love they have for each other. It means so much to me that I'm able to record moments from their most important occasions and witness some of the most intimate and genuine moments in their lives. As cliché as it sounds, I am totally living my dream.


Here's something for you both to reflect on before we shoot: this is all about you guys, your relationship, your love.

You don't have to think for one second about being "perfect." You're not paid models. You're two people who found each other out of billions of other people, you fell in love with every part of each other - good and bad, and you chose to spend the rest of your days side by side. I want you both to keep your special, unique connection in the forefront of your minds throughout our shoot. I want to capture your real personalities. Your romantic sides, your playfulness and laughter, your comfortability and familiarity, and sometimes, if the moment is right, your vulnerability and tears. This should be a night you look forward to; a night alone with your love.

It's important to keep in mind that as long as you're being yourselves, you can really do no wrong!

We're there to capture what's real between you and my job is to wait and watch for that. However, it helps tremendously if you give me plenty of moments to watch for. My goal is to capture some type of emotion in every image so instead of thinking about how you're standing and where your hands are placed, focus on how you're feeling and do your best to show me those emotions - joyful, vulnerable, peaceful, grateful, infatuated, playful, excited, romantic, intimate, etc.

I don't love awkward and stagnant poses and because of this, I'll have you moving around constantly. Essentially, I'm following you and your love around while you interact in a very real way - hiking to a cliff, running down a hill, or walking hand in hand down a trail. Keep the movement going in small ways as well. If I have you sitting with each other, do your best to really feel that moment alone together, interact and flirt with each other, embrace each other in different ways, kiss in different places (forehead, lips, hands, etc.), and get each other to laugh and have a good time. The same goes for any other action I have you complete. If I have you walking down a path, hold hands, switch to holding an arm, chase after each other, dance around a bit, stop to cuddle and kiss, tickle and tease, etc.

Although I do ask that you do your best to be your fun, romantic selves and ham it up for me, you're not on your own! I'll offer plenty of guidance throughout the entire session. I use many prompts to help you act natural, show emotion, and feel comfortable.

I photograph couples who
give of themselves emotionally.

To capture the essence of your relationship,
I'll have you answer meaningful questions about yourselves that evoke natural emotions and responses.
Be thoughtful about your answers and come ready to connect with your love. 

Let's connect in a meaningful way.

Please fill out the questionnaire below so I can better get to know you both.


I can't wait to meet you

& capture your love.