I want to invest my whole heart into creating beautiful art for you - something that transcends typical wedding photography.
I am able to do this by offering only elopement and intimate wedding coverage and I shoot a limited number of these gatherings per year. I don't feel bad about being particular because I want you to be particular too. I want you to be sure that I'm the one for you. It's important to me that we become friends and that I do what I can to help ensure this rare experience is one of your very best. You're just that important to me and yours is a story I want to tell.

Photography is one of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding. It's an investment in recorded memories. Every wedding story is different; you're unique and your relationship is as well. I want to tell your story in a way that feels true to you coupled with my own artistic twist. 

I feel greatly inspired by couples who personalize their wedding in meaningful ways that complement their relationship and forgo arbitrary wedding traditions that just don't fit. You want to climb a mountain with your best friends and marry on a cliffside? Hell yes, let's do it! You want to run off to another country with a landscape of your dreams and only me as a witness? I could tear up just thinking about it. What are we waiting for?!

I don't believe the focus should ever be on the material items and the shuffling to and from random events while spending half of your day apart. The focus should instead be on you and your commitment and you should share those commitments with those who have held you up and supported you. You should allow yourselves time to be together on this once-in-a-lifetime day; to truly live in each moment. I want to shoot couples who feel this way as well. If this resonates with you, you're keeping it intimate, and want to incorporate an element of adventure and spontaneity by exchanging vows in a rad location, damn straight, I'm your girl. I'll scream it from the rooftops!

If you feel fuzzy things when you view my work and trust me to create something uniquely for you, reach out and say hey!

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